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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jax Blue Period

Jax in blue. I like this design alot.

Happy 100 Years Jackie Chan

I like your kix i like your chops, if i had another dad id want it to be you

Jax Monkey Style

Mad Kung fu and mad Frowning Power. This kid has it all.

Draw Jax

Now, this site is going to be dedicated to B-Movies and B-Movie monsters, but as a warm up and because my birthday is coming up. EVERYBODY HAS TO DRAW MY CHARACTER JAX.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Hey, this is Madcap. I haven't posted any of my comics on DD, but I've got some things in the works. Please don't eat me...
Moobity Boobity Everybutt! Guess who's hiting it big. Villain arthor of digital goodness like Cashcao.


Role call, fall in. This is Jaime aka Gyro, author of Battleship Yumato and Sketch. Hope you enjoy the blog when we get rolling.


Hey, Welcome to the Bikini Machine. This is a Sketchblog set up by me and a couple of friends on Drunkduck dedicated to our mutual love of classic B-Movies.